The new SRA Handbook has added significantly to the amount of work and level of responsibility on the plate of the already-busy COLP. CLIENTCAREmonitor is a powerful compliance tool that uses sophisticated technology to analyse 100% of cases, highlighting those with the highest risk profile. An online tool is far more reliable and effective than a point-in-time checklist since it raises risks in real time and provides the underlying data to ensure that your SRA reports have the utmost integrity.

CLIENTCAREmonitor gives COLPs full visibility across the firm and the ability to address any issues proactively and often avoid compliance failure. It also allows COLPs to save time and money, getting back to their real jobs as fee earners.

CLIENTCAREmonitor benefits

  • Ensure compliance: By automating the platform, CLIENTCAREmonitor allows law firms to review 100% of cases, identify the high risk files and review them in real time.
  • Save time and money: The platform results in significant cost savings by cutting the time spent on COLP duties by 75%.
  • Reduce PI Insurance: Reflecting the robustness of the platform, a number of brokers/insurers have indicated that next year they may be willing to offer CLIENTCAREmonitor customers reduced professional indemnity insurance rates.
  • Increase transparency: COLPs at law firms with several lawyers are often in the position of having responsibility for cases they know little about. With CLIENTCAREmonitor, the new client intake is done online, giving the COLP full visibility into the details of all firm cases.
  • Spread the responsibility: With CLIENTCAREmonitor, responsibility for compliance is distributed across the firm with no additional time spent. All fee earners enter the information for their cases into the platform during intake, making that information visible and actionable by the COLP. The COLP is no longer alone!
  • Create documentation: CLIENTCAREmonitor generates the reports and registers and creates an online repository of compliance documents for the firm.