Are there any license fees or training fees for using the platform?
Other than the setup fee, the CLIENTCAREmonitor platform is pay-as-you-go, with no ongoing licensing fees. Click on the pricing tab for more details.
Does the SRA have direct access to the platform?
No. Although the SRA has seen the platform and your supervising officer may have even mentioned CLIENTCAREmonitor, your data is completely secure and all information is completely confidential, as stated in our Terms and Conditions.
How secure is your storage?
CLIENTCAREmonitor’s security is of paramount importance to its design and integrity. CLIENTCAREmonitor is hosted on dedicated servers by one of the UK’s foremost providers, UK Fast, who guarantee 100% uptime of their core network infrastructure. Our platforms are monitored 24/7/365 with all data securely and continuously backed up through the day onsite with a further off-site backup occurring on a daily basis. No data ever leaves the UK.
What happens when the SRA regulations change?
CLIENTCAREmonitor has been developed by leading risk and compliance professionals, who ensure the platform is kept up-to-date with SRA requirements. Any changes to regulations are quickly and easily integrated across the platform.
Will the CLIENTCAREmonitor platform have an impact on my IT platform?
No, CLIENTCAREmonitor is web based and runs separately from – and does not interfere with – any existing platforms the firm uses (though you can choose to have it integrated with your case management platform). With CLIENTCAREmonitor, you avoid the hassles of physically installing and maintaining desktop software on end user PCs. No special software training is required; anyone with a browser, an Internet connection and a valid User ID can access the platform.
I'm a sole practitioner. Is CLIENTCAREmonitor appropriate for me?
Yes! Sole Practitioners are particularly exposed to the requirements of the new SRA regime, as they are at risk of being swamped by compliance. CLIENTCAREmonitor is a comprehensive, easy-to-use and very cost effective way to assist you in your risk and compliance obligations while minimizing the impact on your valuable fee earning time. To learn more about CLIENTCAREmonitor for the Sole Practitioner, click here.
I use Excel, Outlook folders and my case management system to run my risk management. Why do I need CLIENTCAREmonitor?
Cobbling together Excel, email folders and shared drives into a compliance process is time-consuming and can create information gaps that may result in a firm being non-compliant, missing a deadline or making a mistake. A non-centralized system may also lead to continuity issues when key staffer leave the firm. CLIENTCAREmonitor is a comprehensive platform that consolidates all of a firm’s compliance and risk activities in one place and presents a complete view of the main areas of risk and compliance activity via an easy-to-use dashboard.
Can CLIENTCAREmonitor be customized?
Yes, many of our law firms customize screens and set up rules based on their needs.
How quickly can CLIENTCAREmonitor be installed?
CLIENTCAREmonitor is a web-based service so the setup is quick and efficient. Our professional services team works with the firm’s staff to understand how they are currently handling their compliance work (e.g. secretary pools, one-to-one assistants, post-completion clerks etc.). Once we determine the process, we will upload all information on to the platform. The process typically takes 2–8 days, depending on the size of the firm.
What do I need to be able to use the service?
All you need to use CLIENTCAREmonitor is a computer with the ability to connect and browse the Web and an Internet connection.
How many people in my firm can use the service?
There is no limit to the number of users that a firm can add to an account.
How do I manage users on my account?
Your CLIENTCAREmonitor account is undertaken by a nominated COLP who is able to centrally manage the account. This includes adding, deleting and amending users as well as updating contact details. We are of course on hand to help.
Do I need to use an IT consultant to implement the software?
No, you do not need to use a consultant as there is no software to download.
Is CLIENTCAREmonitor a Case Management Platform?
No. CLIENTCAREmonitor can be integrated or can be used independently of existing case management platforms.
Who developed CLIENTCAREmonitor?
CLIENTCAREmonitor, of the Lexsure family of products, was designed by industry professionals with real-world experience generating, analysing, and reporting all types of digital information. Over 80 labour-years of development went into the design and programming of CLIENTCAREmonitor. The team is led by Simon Seaton, a risk management expert with deep expertise in managing UK law firms throughout his career.
Do you handle a law firm’s special needs?
Absolutely. The new regulatory regime is not a ‘one size fits all’ and therefore our platform recognises the importance of bespoke adaptation towards a firm’s requirements relating to risk and compliance. Our clients have diverse structures, objectives, and needs. CLIENTCAREmonitor is a powerful and flexible platform that is designed to handle the unique requirements of each client. We have developed customized imports, exports, reports, workflows, notifications, quality control schemes, and data reviews. All implementations are client-specific to ensure the greatest utility to the firms that we work with.
What are the main benefits of online, real-time compliance?
  • Automation of key processes necessary to monitor and manage compliance
  • Paperless, instant file availability from any Internet-accessible computer
  • Customer-defined tracking, reporting and record keeping
  • Full spectrum audits at the touch of a button
  • Compliance forecasting for upcoming requirements
  • Reduced cost of compliance and risk of non–compliance
  • Enhanced productivity for COLP, COFA and compliance staff
Some of our lawyers are technophobes. Do users need to be computer experts?
No. The sophisticated technology runs behind the scenes. The user interface was designed to be very user friendly, as your firm is not the only one that includes some technophobes…