Sole Practitioner

Sole Practitioner

At CLIENTCAREmonitor we believe that a disproportionate compliance burden falls upon on you as sole practitioner. With the new SRA compliance hoops, you are the COLP, COFA and fee earner. That’s a tall order.

Lexsure, the parent of CLIENTCAREmonitor, already provides risk management solutions for hundreds of sole practitioners, many of whom approached us to build a compliance management platform that catered for their particular needs. After all, you have to comply with everything that applies to much larger firms, but with a fraction of the resources. CLIENTCAREmonitor provides the ideal solution for Sole Practitioners:

  • Complete peace of mind: CLIENTCAREmonitor automatically reviews 100% of cases and highlights the highest risk cases.
  • Save time and money: Pay-as-you go with no strings attached. And the platform results in significant cost savings by cutting the time you spend on compliance. It also eliminates the need to get external auditing or barter with another sole practitioner to ensure strong compliance.
  • Buy an AML check, get the platform for free: Each AML check you purchase via CLIENTCAREmonitor entitles you to a free use of the platform. What’s more, AML checks, powered by leading provider Equifax, can be ordered easily off the platform.
  • Reduced PI Insurance: Reflecting the robustness of the platform, a number of brokers/insurers have indicated that next year they may be willing to offer CLIENTCAREmonitor customers reduced professional indemnity insurance rates.
  • Create documentation: CLIENTCAREmonitor generates the reports and registers you need and creates an online repository of compliance documents for the firm.
  • User friendly: the technology behind CLIENTCAREmonitor is quite sophisticated, but we designed the product so that it is extremely intuitive and user friendly.
  • No IT investment: CLIENTCAREmonitor is web-based and runs separately from – and does not interfere with – any existing platforms you may use (you may choose to have it integrated with your case management platform). All you need to operate the platform is a computer and internet access.

To find out more please call us or request a remote demo. A 30-minute demo will provide an overview of this powerful platform. As one sole practitioner told us following a demo “… be honest, I have not been sleeping well over the last few months knowing I have to put something in place as far as compliance is concerned …I will have a good sleep tonight knowing that I am taking your platform.”