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CLIENTCAREmonitor is a comprehensive, sophisticated and cost effective online compliance management platform developed specifically to help firms meet their compliance requirements based on the new SRA regime

The platform audits 100% of cases and identifies high-risk files in real time, allowing the COLP to focus on the real risk areas.

CLIENTCAREmonitor can integrate with existing case management platforms, is simple to use, and is highly cost and time effective.

Including requesting the latest SRA Risk Scoring and updates.



CLIENTCAREmonitor (CCM) is a key tool for COLP and COFAs fulfilling the requirements of the new SRA regime. CCM is suitable for all firms - no matter what size. Also on CCM, get your AML checks and see valuable Benchmarking data, learn how using CCM might lower costs on your next years PI insurance premiums. Sign up for one of our Free CPD Webinars to learn more.


The new SRA Handbook has added significantly to the amount of work and level of responsibility on the plate of the already-busy COLP. CLIENTCAREmonitor is a powerful compliance tool that uses sophisticated technology.


At CLIENTCAREmonitor we believe that a disproportionate compliance burden falls upon on you as sole practitioner. With the new SRA compliance hoops, you are the COLP, COFA and fee earner. That’s a tall order.


CLIENTCAREmonitor's COFA reports assist COFAs in fulfilling their obligations in relation to having visibility on the financial stability of a firm.


CLIENTCAREmonitor offers clients free webinars on a variety of topics, which allow you to stay current on the quickly-changing compliance landscape and do so from your home or office (or home office).


The CLIENTCAREmonitor platform is pay-as-you-go, and has minimal licensing fees.


The AML module within CLIENTCAREmonitor is powered by Equifax and incorporates a holistic Anti-Money Laundering software solution to help the MLRO and COLP protect their firm against regulatory breaches and fraudsters.


CLIENTCAREmonitor provides insight into how your firm’s key parameters compare to peer firms and identifies standards, or "best practices," to apply in measuring and improving performance.


Various insurers and leading PI Brokers agree that CCM will assist practices in reducing claims and, as a result, may next year offer a reduction in professional indemnity insurance (PII) premiums where the platform is used.

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CLIENTCAREmonitor can integrate with existing case management platforms, is simple to use, and is highly cost and time effective. The platform audits 100% of cases and identifies the high-risk files in real time, allowing the COLP to focus on the real risk areas and do so in real time. CLIENTCAREmonitor's matter-level compliance and risk management is designed to be used by every fee-earner at a firm, on every transaction, resulting in full transparency and much greater visibility for the COLP across the firm's cases.
During the client take-on and file closure phases of a legal matter, each lawyer (or the lawyer, if a sole practitioner) performs CLIENTCAREmonitor's compliance assessment checklist. The checklist is presented as a simple one-page screen with multiple-choice questions that takes two to three minutes to complete. An instant risk classification, based primarily on the SRA’s scoring metric, is then produced and the COLP or COFA is immediately alerted to the risks via their dashboard.
CLIENTCAREmonitor's COLP and COFA dashboards highlight ‘high-risk’ matters, filtered from data on every file, allowing COLPs to react in 'real time’ to potential compliance issues, often before the compliance failure occurs.

Lexsure, formerly ConveyCentric, has developed a family of products to assist lawyers in risk management, including CLIENTCAREmonitor, COMPLETIONmonitor and LENDERmonitor. Lexsure maintains key partnerships with the Council of Mortgage Lenders, Landmark and St Giles Professional Risks.